Valley of the Rules

October 27, 2019

An illustration of a magical swamp

Valley of the Rules – “The priests are lucky the weather is warm lately. Venturing out to the Valley of the Rules isn’t so cumbersome with the weather so agreeable. Studies about the area are plenty, but the scientists still don’t fully understand what makes the trees glow. They replicated the chemical process necessary for the illumination to occur, but they can only do the experiment successfully within the Valley. They could not reproduce the effect anywhere else. They have no idea what makes the place so special. As for the age of the Valley, no one knows for sure. None of the Holy Texts declare the Valley’s age. The archives simply state that the Valley always existed.”

Illustration based off a EOW prompt. The prompt was also inspired by Aquasixio’s illustration “Follow Our Rules.” Textures and Photos Credits:, Manuel Bastioni Lab.

The timelapse video for this illustration;

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