I’m Ok to Go

October 27, 2019

An illustration of a space girl

Communication Control: “VF1 Do you copy? I repeat do you copy? Are you go for launch?”
Everyone is tense. It’s been five minutes since they last heard VF1’s voice.
Mission Director: “Instruments are you sure nothing is wrong with her devices?”
Instruments Control: “As far as I can tell all instruments are green. None of her devices are failing.”
Mission Director: “That’s it, let’s pull the plug. Somebody get me the abort codes.”
Communication Control: “Wait! Wait! I’m hearing something faint!”
Mission Director: “What? What are you hearing?”
Communication Control works his instruments rapidly. He has contact but he needs to boost the signal. It didn’t take him long to fix the problem. Within a minute the loudspeakers are booming.
VF1: “Mission control this is VF1, I repeat, I’m ok to go. Do you copy? I’m ok to go.”

Illustration based off a conceptart.org CHOW prompt. I’ve been obsessed with doing some baroque designs similar to Christophe Young’s work seen here; https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VeAdZ. I figured I would try to incorporate something similar for the CHOW competition. The design is… hhhmmm, frustrating to paint. It looks cool in a sketch but rendering it is difficult.

Thanks goes to:
ajams, thebigitch, trixstar, Dennis Kessel, mojoboobie, raganosis, witcrack, lege, white rabbit, ramin afshari, mattyt, patvit, omae, serious max, moirae, everyone who joined CHOW475, John Ridgeway, Rick Chandler, Godefroid Drugman, Michael Worthington, Chris Riddle, Pebble Tay, and everyone else who might have said something about this piece but I forgot to mention. Thanks for all your direction.
Textures and Photos Credits: www.textures.com, www.photobash.org, NASA, Christophe Young.

Bonus points if you could figure out what I’m referencing in the story.

Youtube process video can be seen here; https://youtu.be/XNOZjs5STsg

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