A Rapidly Declining Fairytale

October 27, 2019

A painting of a bunch of fantasy creatures

This is a speed paint I did back in November 2018 for CA’s Daily Sketch Group. I have been practicing this particular workflow that I refined with this particular speed paint. I would basically divide the illustration into two areas, one dark, and one light. After my initial sketch, I would put down random colors in a layer. I would then bump up the curves on the “light” section of this layer, and then drive down the curves on the “dark” section of this layer. I would then import a random photo into its own layer, and repeat the process of editing the curves based on the “light” and “dark” section. I would then take these two layers, turn down the transparency a little, and then merged it with the background. I would then take the blend brush and smudge all the random colors into shapes based on my rough outline. After I’m done with the process, I end up with a good base to start painting details on.

To see the process, check it out @; https://youtu.be/BzhkyMoCT6Y

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