Ang Dalaga and the Royal Baby

June 6, 2020

An Illustration of A Dalaga and a Royal Baby

Ang Dalaga and the Royal Baby

This started out as a simple sketch based on a Bridgit Mendler photo. The original photo is difficult to find. I’m not even sure how I came about it since I started the illustration way back in 2014. The photoshoot, however, was done the same day this promo video was made; The illustration is essentially Bridgit Mendler holding the baby from the video… though of course, I remixed the drawing to make a fantasy based illustration.

Bridgit’s outfit is based on the traditional Filipino Mara Clara gown. “Ang Dalaga” is Tagalog for “A Young Lady.”

Thanks to Chris Foster, Sticky, Xiet, SkyeBlueBandit, Ajams, and everyone else who I had missed for giving me awesome comments and critiques on this piece.

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