Creepy Throwback Thursday! 10.31.2019

October 31, 2019

Well, it wouldn’t be Halloween unless I show an artwork that is creepy. So let us hop into our DeLoreans, rewind time, and find ourselves back in 2010 when I concocted this horrendous mess;

a painting of a monster carrying a girl
Um, yeah, what was I thinking?

First of all, the subject is just plain weird. The monster looks creepy and the girl looks clueless. What made me think that this would be a good subject to paint? I’m not entirely sure. Second, the lighting is just odd… SUPER ODD. It looks like I am completely unsure about which light source should be dominant… so I made them ALL DOMINANT. Yeah… not exactly a good idea.

On my defense though, monsters being friends with humans/girls/kids aren’t entirely a new subject matter. I mean, there was the movie “Monsters” for crying out loud. So this particular subject matter wouldn’t necessarily be super cringy IF I had executed the painting correctly. But I didn’t execute it properly…. that’s the problem.

So yeah… maybe sometime in the future I can find the time to revisit the idea of this painting and make something decent out of it. I would need a souped-up DeLorean for that though. Vrrooom!

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