Sketchbook Not-So-Sunday 04.04.2022

April 4, 2022

I spent some time working on my Lundahl sculpt study this weekend, and I found myself questioning what I know about proportions. My first exposure to proportion measurement was Andrew Loomis, and from what I thought I remembered he stated that the ideal height is around 7 heads. I started out my sculpt with that idea in my head. With the current sculpt I’m working on, I’m constantly flabbergasted that it feels short whenever I sculpt some more. With every constant refinement of the sculpt, I found myself constantly adjusting the height. People who have given me critique have noted it and I adjust accordingly… but I still find it lacking. After seeing a few more notes on Loomis given to me by other artists, I realized that I had remembered the proportions wrong. So I had started to mess with the proportions to be more in accordance with an eight head ideal proportion… but now the figure feels too tall.

This frustrates me slightly since I could never pin down what would be an appropriate head measurement. Not everyone is tall… and petite people definitely have a different proportion. And what makes it worse is that the girl I’m sculpting is between preteen to mid-teen… which means she doesn’t have adult height yet… confounding me even more as to how to appropriately size her. As for now, I’m carrying on as is. I’m hoping that the minor adjustments I have done so far would be enough to warrant my sculpt to look like the average early teenage girl.

As for the rest of my art shenanigans… “Block 14” and “Weathered and Worn” are my favorite thirty-minute spit paints of the week. I especially like how detailed the characters are in “Block 14.” Typically my characters are shadows like in “Weathered and Worn.” I just don’t have enough time to detail… but “Block 14” is different. My weekend speed paint was “The Queen has Arrived.” It is fan art of one of Ayang Javier’s artworks.

Anyways, that is all folks. Bye.

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