Sketchbook Study 05.22.2022

May 22, 2022

This had been a very sculpy week. Except for the few moments I devoted to doing my watercolor pencil piece, practically everything I have done was in 3D. I’m still, of course, powering through my Lundahl study… but I took a few moments to do a Vibert sculpt study. I did a head bust of the cardinal from Jehan Georges Vibert’s “The Marvelous Sauce.” The likeness is off… as usual. But for something I did within two hours, I believe I got fairly close.

As for the rest of my time this week… it was all spent on a 3D project that I honestly wanted to have finished by this weekend. Unfortunately, I ran out of steam at noon today… and I just couldn’t force myself back on the grind. There are just times when relaxation takes precedence. Mental health is important and all. Hopefully, I could wrap this one particular project soon so I don’t have to keep pushing off my other art projects in favor of this one.

That is all for me this week folks. See ya!

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