Sketchbook Sunday 01.10.2021

January 10, 2021

This weekend was super hectic because I, against better judgement, decided to turn in an entry for this month’s Character Design Challenge. I keep avoiding these challenges because my art project queue is fully stacked. I can’t afford to add another one… and what did I do this weekend? Add another one… lol.

A CDC Painting
CDC – Tauriel Fan Art

It’s not a bad entry, but still less developed than what I would want it to be. Not only that, but I totally skipped my critique process for this piece just to be done and over with it. Maybe someday I can revisit the illustration… but for now, it will remain as is.

Anyways… aside from my long grinds, here are my sketches and speed paint this week;

Ok, I’m setting myself back to lazy mode. See yah!

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