Sketchbook Sunday 02.06.2022

February 6, 2022

This week was very inspiring. I learned a few things as well as gained a little time to tweak some of my starting palettes. To give context as to why I’m excited about this week’s art activities; I have immense issues with saturation. Specifically, I don’t know how to use it properly. An art friend, Mekenzie Martin, pointed me to a helpful art tip by averagetrailertrash on reddit. To sum up the article; for high-key images, darks should be saturated, lights are desaturated, and mid-tones stay half saturated. For mid-key images, mid-tones should be saturated while darks and lights are desaturated. For low-key images, lights should be saturated, mid-tones stay half saturated, and darks will be desaturated. It is such a simple recipe to follow!

Based on that recipe I was able to come up with a few very lovely speed paints this past week. “Giant Eating People,” “Baja Beetle ver 2,” and “Harvest Spirit” all follow this recipe closely. Thanks to this recipe and my newly edited starting palettes, I can control and employ saturation appropriately now instead of always being confused as to what I’m doing wrong with my colors.

Aside from those developments, everything is business as usual. My ten-minute sketches are all just fine… though I think “Spark of Inspiration” is very intriguing. I honestly couldn’t think of the best way to illustrate that prompt, so I decided to just “sleep on it.” Honestly, sleep is a very great creative tool. When stressed and stuck, just take a nap. One could easily feel more ready to tackle the issue at hand after a nice rest. Anyways… that is it for me this week folks! Sayonara.

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