Sketchbook Sunday 02.20.2022

February 20, 2022

I went back old school this week and predominantly did all my artwork digitally… well I take it back… real old school would be me using pastels… but I did have a penchant for doing more digital work than traditional materials back in the day. I’m kind of reliving that glorious past this week. It was certainly a fun time.

None of my thirty-minute speed paints were all that much interesting this week. “Bike Delivery” has a really good color scheme, but aside from that nothing struck my fancy. I am glad though that I did get to have more time to finish a few more longer format speed paints. I did two different versions of “Fairy” for the monthly competition at None of them I like much to be frank. I do love what I did for this month’s character design challenge. I love my redesign of April O’Neil. The piece is not really that popular among the entrants… then again, none of my entries have been all that popular lol.

Anyways, that is all for me this week folks. Sayonara!

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