Sketchbook Sunday 03.14.2021

March 14, 2021

I spent most of my week grinding on “Tinikling.” It is absolutely close to being finished. After working on almost ten months on it, I would be very much happy to wrap it up. I could show the current results here, but since it’s so close to being done I might as well pause that update. “Nothing to Wear” got pushed back and I’ve barely made a dent on my sculpture study of Amelie Lundahl. But alas they will be done!

As for sketches and speed paint this week, “Shabby” pretty much stole my heart. The simplicity of that background won me. I had high hopes for “Fantasy Sailing,” but the end product wasn’t as strong as I was hoping it was be. I referenced one of Winslow Homer’s paintings… but instead of painting the sea I decided I was going to paint the boat as if it was floating high above the skies. The results doesn’t portray that idea very well. You win some you lose some… The rest of my Daily Spit Paint work was ok. I do like my entry for “Waking from a Dream,” not because I liked the execution. I liked that piece because it references one of my favorite anime movies; Ghost in the Shell.

Anyways… here are these week’s grinds;

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