Sketchbook Sunday 03.27.2022

March 27, 2022

I did a face sculpt this weekend that got me heavily thinking about my many weaknesses when it comes to sculpting. The majority of my problem lies within the eyes. The eyes are literally a major decision bottleneck for me. Two of the issues that seriously confound me are a) what exactly is the size ratio of the iris versus the eyeball and b) is there more to the eyeball than what is being shown in the face sizewise? I have checked anatomy guides before… but I always seem to forget some of the things I learn right at the moment of sculpting, and all of a sudden I find myself in a quandary.

Sculpting the eyes throws me off tremendously. The eyes are such an important landmark for a proportion check that if I don’t get it right, then the rest of my proportions could be suspect. The problem is that I shouldn’t spend that much time sculpting it out during the blocking phase. No one should ever be detailing anything during the blocking phase. But since the eyes/eyeball/eyelids never feel right for me UNLESS I DETAIL IT, then I find myself constantly debating on how many details should I put versus how loose I need to make it to facilitate quicker edits. I still have zero instinct on how to get me out of this mess. I suspect this problem is the big reason why most of my sculptures never ever look like a girl…. or I at least have to spend an inordinate amount of time to make it look like a girl… and even more time if I want her looking pretty. Don’t ask me to make a sculpture of a real-life pretty girl. It seems that the likeness of a person is a very daunting task for me right now.

Anyways… I’m glad I at least got the chance to recognize those issues now. Hopefully, I could remedy all these problems in future sculpts. As for the rest of my artwork for this week… nothing much really stood out aside from a digital painting of two of my nephews. “A Favorite View” is a prompt for a Krita-artists monthly contest. I did a photo study of my nephews as “my favorite view.”

Anyhooo… that is all for me this week folks. I hope you guys are having a blast and I will see you soon!

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