Sketchbook Sunday 04.10.2022

April 10, 2022

“Lofi Girl” fan art was what I concentrated on this weekend. I have been meaning to do the fan art of the famous image for a while now, but I wanted to push it back in favor of other subjects. Something came up this weekend that made me change my mind. I ended up rushing to put together the project that I completed just in time for me to enjoy a slow Sunday afternoon. The illustration had a lot of details for me to cover. I was hoping I could have done it in my time budget… but I didn’t. It’s alright though since I really love the end result. It has amazing lighting. The image does have anatomy issues… maybe in the future when I’m ready to post it to social media I’ll correct it. For now, I’m keeping the image as is, mistakes and all.

Aside from that adventure, there is nothing new to report. Sayonara!

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