Sketchbook Sunday 04.17.2022

April 17, 2022

This week was fairly tough for artwork altogether. I had time constraints all around… and if that wasn’t tough enough, I had to contend with an artwork that was just giving me grief. “Lunchtime” was supposed to be a good opus of sorts… not a grand or a magnum opus by any means, but an artwork that is very important to me. It’s a repaint of an older artwork I did about a decade ago. The exercise was meant to show my progress… but it failed… it failed in all sorts of magnificent ways.

How it failed I don’t really care to elaborate. Suffice to say… working on “Lunchtime” this week was not fun at all. As for my other artworks… I’m still carrying on with most of my grinds. I’m also having a nice time with a watercolor pencil project I’m working on. I’m afraid of the next few steps I’m about to take in the watercolor pencil project. The paper I’m working on for the project is a fairly decent size paper… but the details are so intricate I might not have enough space for what I want to do. I hope it all comes out alright.

As for other shenanigans… I don’t really have much to say. “Not Funny” caught the attention of some DSP people… but then I realized why it trended this week. The funeral scene I drew for “Not Funny” goes well with the “Regeneration Pod” scene I illustrated. I posted both artworks in the same post, and they made such great contrast. I think that is what attracted people most to the two paintings. Anyways, magandang gabi sa lahat!

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