Sketchbook Sunday 04.24.2022

April 24, 2022

I spent a lot of time doing a digital sculpt this weekend. I was very determined to have it done. 3D works are never easy like paintings. To this day I still don’t understand how anyone could do speed sculpts. There are just too many things to muse/wonder/worry about in order to sculpt something that quickly. That extra dimension is just very tricky. I surmise it’s something I have to practice some more in the future.

In order for me to accomplish “Turtle Runner” in one day, I had to simplify the forms as much as I could so I can finish in time. At the very beginning, I had a huge debate in my head on how to pull off the turtle girl’s clothing. I can’t have the turtle girl wear regular human clothes if she has a shell. The question of how I would get it on her in the first place would arise (if she was a real character of course). In the end, the solution I settled for was elegant… though it needs really heavy refinement. But hey… it did the job great.

Anyways… aside from the constant lack of time, that was all the art problems I had this week. I’m hoping to solve some more next week! Till then, see yah!

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