Sketchbook Sunday 05.02.2021

May 2, 2021

I had so much fun this week with all my projects. It feels like I did a lot, though it really isn’t more than my typical gigs in hindsight. Anyways… without further ado;

So I published “Ramen” and “Tinikling” in my social media portfolio finally. I’m really glad “Tinikling” is done. I’m happy with it even if I feel like there are technical issues with it. It’s still a great learning lesson either way. The rest of my weeks’ jams are ok. “Data Transfer” is somewhat trending in DSP… though not as popular as the other ones I had on there. The left-field illustration of the week definitely goes to “The Suitor.” My old DSP speed paint “The Vacuum” sort of inspired me to create the speed paint. Trying to do all the reflections in that speed paint in such a short amount of time was very hectic. But alas, I’m glad that my idea was pulled off nicely. Now I’m just hoping that the subtle hints of the painting can be recognized readily.

Anyways, I bid you adieu with these videos;

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