Sketchbook Sunday 05.30.2021

May 30, 2021

Yaay! Huge update! I’m adding last week’s shenanigans to this week’s update because I couldn’t update while I was on vacation. On my defense I really did try to do an update last week, but the internet was slow and my media files kept timing out. I decided to just go ahead and roll all my updates in one go this week;

“Borderline” is currently trending in DSP right now. I thought the painting was cool, but certainly not my favorite. I like “Gentlemen Fighting” and “History Exhibit.” “History Exhibit” feels like it has the potential to be developed. We shall see. The other images I really wanted to highlight aside from my favorites this week are my drawpile sessions! I was able to join the gang twice this week for some drawpile fun. In my last session with them, I was able to finish one painting that I could turn in for this month’s Character Design Challenge. That was absolutely fun and totally unexpected. I typically don’t have a huge chunk of time I can devote to joining the drawpile sessions. I usually just join for a simple sketch or two. But the last time I was able to join it long enough to come to an almost complete painting. YAY FOR FREE TIME!

Anyways, that is all for me this week folks. Sayonara!

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