Sketchbook Sunday 06.28.2020

June 28, 2020

This week’s tempo felt really nice. Not too busy, not too lazy. I felt like I could have pushed some more work in the digital front… but then again it won’t really matter if I did or not. If I had done a lot in the digital front, part of me will still feel like I could do more somewhere else, lol. Anyways…

“Dinner at Draculas” was the most exciting image I worked on this week. It was a speed paint I did last Monday. I always try to aim to do at least one polished work a week, but it never ever really turns out like that no matter how much I plan. It is why I have to settle for what I could get… and this week I got “Dinner at Draculas.” It was a speed painting that I did for a prompt.

Aside from my typical sketches and speed paints, the only artwork worth making a note of out of the gallery above is “Ajam’s Mermaid” WIP and “7:30 Departure.” “7:30 Departure” trended in the DSP group in Facebook. Everyone just loves the bittersweet “slice of life” moment I drew. In fact, I think my most popular posts in DSP were all “slice of life” moments. I guess I have to pay attention to that.

“Ajam’s Mermaid” finally got some major updates since I posted a WIP here in my website. I have been quietly working on it here and there. I have been mainly concentrating on the face, going back and forth with it and iterating many different versions just to see how close I could get a likeness of the original drawing. It feels that the current version seems more like the original drawing than anything else I have created so far.

Anyways, that is it for me this week. Happy 4th of July week everyone, and stay safe!

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