Sketchbook Sunday 07.05.2020

July 5, 2020

There’s really not a whole lot to report this week. Artwork creation has been a wee bit slow, but a lot of the hiccups in my groove can be attributed to a bunch of tasks that I decided to get done super early. The end result is too much on my plate, lol… hence why I abstained from catching up with my artwork this weekend when I had plenty of time. I just really needed to unwind from too much work. Anyhoo!

Yeah, not much artwork stood out in my mind as an absolute favorite or have anything significant to mention about it. I thought the modified version of “When Pigs Fly” cookie design that I did was cute. Space SOS got a few attention from the DSP group, but not as much as my popular ones. So yeah… not much to report really. I’ll just have to catch you guys on the next update. Anyways, Happy 4th!

Cookies by Design – Happy 4th of July
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