Sketchbook Sunday 07.11.2021

July 11, 2021

This week was a nice grind. I didn’t quite finish “Nothing to Wear” like I was hoping I could. I got a few crits and comments about it and I wanted to finish the majority of suggested edits… but alas my art predilections took me somewhere else. My daily spit paints are business as usual. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Quite a few more people than average like “Highclass Rickshaw.” I think it’s a fairly straightforward interpretation of a humorous prompt. I do like what I did for “Putting Out a Fire.” That speed paint was inspired by a painting by Stepan Alekseev. “Fight Commentators” was a tough draw for a 30-minute spit paint. Trying to illustrate those expressive figures was difficult. “Kirin’s Blessing” looks like it has the potential for a really amazing long-grind illustration. I am tagging it for future development. I was also trying my best to finish my weekend 3-hour speed paint… but alas I didn’t finish. I’m going to have to post that piece later.

Anyways, have a good week folks!

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