Sketchbook Sunday 07.25.2021

July 25, 2021

This week was a nice week. My boss was nice enough to give me an extra day off, so I was able to spend some time working on “Nothing to Wear.” I finally finished it this weekend. I’m letting it sit for a while before posting it just to make sure I could look at it with fresher eyes later. I might have missed something yah know…

“Small Perspective” was a difficult prompt to draw. I couldn’t think of anything to sketch that would illustrate the idea. I settled for a microscope to indicate the idea of a “micro” universe. Some people liked the interpretation enough. I think the most popular drawing though was “Hard-Won Freedom.” I based my idea on a painting by Sean Vo called “Reduced to Ashes.” The featured image of the week is based on a photo by Darryl Verret. It was a photo he took on a visit to Japan.

Anyways that’s all for me folks. Sayonara!

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