Sketchbook Sunday 08.15.2021

August 15, 2021

I’ve been meaning to do a different weekend speed paint since two weeks ago, but I just kept delaying it for other speed paints/projects. Yesterday I had every intention to follow through with this planned project, but I ended up doing “Summer 3” instead. Maybe next week will be a different situation. Anyways… to the artworks!

“Gecko Cello” was my entry for this month’s “Character Design Challenge.” I would love to have done more for this challenge… but alas, I don’t feel like canceling projects I had in mind. I really love doing challenges… I don’t, however, love the timeframe they gave us. A month is theoretically enough to do one project. But I don’t want to do just one project… I want to do more. And since I do have a full-time job, I am limited in the time I spend with art. That means I have to super juggle between multiple projects. Maybe someday the stars would align and I can just get a full month to dedicate to CDC.

I’ve also been super obsessed with the prompt “Summer” ever since Pip posted it as a WST prompt in the discord channel. I have made three different images with that word in mind… all of them came out alright. I’ve been looking for this image that encapsulates a very-lazy-clear-blue-skies kind of vibe… and none of them has achieved that so far. Maybe “Summer 4” would be better.

Anyways… those are just the interesting art footnotes I have for this week. I will catch you guys on the flipside.

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