Sketchbook Sunday 08.29.2021

August 29, 2021

Where has the time gone? Why is it September already? Surely someone is counting the days wrong! Isn’t that the proverbial whine of the masses since… the beginning of time… ? Lol… jokes aside though… time moves fast! And I wish I have more downtime to catch up on everything I want to do and to be just plain lazy as well. Nonetheless… the grind must go on…

“Vintage” was my weekend grind this week. However, I don’t like the end result much. If I had planned it a little better, I might have liked the result more. I don’t have WIPs to show… most of them haven’t progressed enough to be worthy of a post. On that note, I don’t have anything that much worthy to say about this week’s shenanigans. The only thing I thought that was very interesting was my sketch for “Street from Above.” I might develop this piece further in the future.

Anyways… may you guys have a great grind this coming week!

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