Sketchbook Sunday 09.12.2021

September 12, 2021

“Untitled” from last Friday was a very interesting drawing experience. For starters, I didn’t follow a prompt. I simply started drawing. The second most interesting thing about the illustration is the fact that I drew it while talking to somebody on the phone. I am one easily distracted person. I typically don’t talk when I’m doing artwork because it makes me lose concentration. That doesn’t seem to be the case last Friday when I doodled “Untitled.” I was just happily sketching away without a thought as to what I was doing. I was super impressed with the result… especially for not having to think while doing it. This particular illustration also has one of the more difficult perspectives. For me to pull that off without much conscious thought really surprised me.

But my real favorite is the speed paint I did for Ramin’s Sketch Zone. The perspective of the painting is very similar to my untitled sketch from last Friday. The wires from my untitled sketch also made an appearance in this particular speed paint. I guess I was heavily influenced by my Friday sketch that I had to replicate some motifs into my weekend speed paint. I also loved the fact that the piece is fan art of one of the top artists in Ramin’s Sketch Zone. Milk is a very good artist. Brie is her original character. The overall vibe of the painting is just plain fun. That’s why I really love this piece.

That’s it for my art activities this week. I obviously did more than what I’m showing… but for now, those will remain a secret. Till next time!

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