Sketchbook Sunday 09.19.2021

September 19, 2021

Typically when I choose a DSP to semi-develop, it’s because there was something visually striking about the initial sketch that I wanted to see further. This week was different because it was the actual prompt in itself that got me looking for another image to draw in my head. My initial sketch for the prompt “Miserable Weather” was ok. Honestly, it wasn’t all that great. But there was something about that term that just percolated in my head for a while. A day or two later, I came up with the idea for my weekend speed paint…

I just think my redraw of the term is very very cool. From a technical standpoint, it isn’t anything stunning. The depth of field effect is obviously very cool and is somewhat tricky to pull off. In fact, I think this painting so far has the best depth-of-field-effect yet compare to all the other depth-of-field speed paints I have done. But what got me really excited is the composition. Once I saw in my head the image of repeating umbrellas, I just knew I have the best illustration for the term.

Anyways, aside from that very interesting image, there’s not much to report on the art front. I’m still chugging along on all my grinds, though my art lessons have to stop to a halt because I have to focus on other commitments. Hopefully, after November I can get back in the swing of things…

Alright folks, good night!

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