Sketchbook Sunday 10.24.2021

October 24, 2021

When I set out to do this weekend’s speed paint, I was thinking it was just going to be a two-hour endeavor. I was wrong… so so wrong. I ended up working on “April’s Sun” for about five and a half hours. I try to cap all my speed paints in under five hours. “April’s Sun” is about the second or third speed paint I did this fall season that took much longer than I expected. But given the fact that I was doing a few nifty experiments with the image, I think I can be forgiven for missing my deadline.

“April’s Sun” is my first effort in experimenting with holographic gradient maps. I learned the technique from Sinix Design. It was such a cool idea for me to employ the technique for the patterns in the dress. It makes the dress look like it’s embellished with a gold print. Ironically enough the holographic effect really only took me about twenty to thirty minutes to work with. The effect didn’t take that long for me to get. I was pleasantly surprised by how quick it was to achieve the look I was going for. What took much longer than expected, aside from the rendering itself, was the lighting effect I did for the background sun. I had to do a lot more edits on the glare layer effects than I expected to do. All in all, though, I am truly happy with the results. Really good paintings just take a while to create.

As for the rest of my shenanigans this week, I’m still working on the rest of my grinds. I am on a very slow grind with “Waterfall Temple.” I am really taking my time crafting a good sketch for it. The rendering on “Proving Grounds” is going well, except I had some slight issues with the arena in the background. It was a lot more detailed than I expected… though I was able to render it quickly enough with a few copy-and-paste. “Lundahl’s Study” though is… well… I don’t know how to rate it. I feel like I’m finally making progress with it, but given the amount of time I had already devoted to it, I still feel behind. As for my sketches and speed paints, they are all on display above. I don’t feel like any of the sketches/speed paints stand out to me all that much though.

Anyways, that is all for me this week. See you in Halloween next week!

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