Sketchbook Sunday 10.31.2021

October 31, 2021

I decided to do a speed sculpt instead of a speed paint this weekend… and it was a mess, lol. The end result is not as bad as I claimed it to be, but man, did I have such a hard time with the process.

I don’t know what it is with my sculpting process, but there are a few points in time during my sculpt process of a face that I just get immensely irritable. Any kind of folds drives me insane. I can’t get the look right. The eyelid folds and the crease where the two lips meet are hard to sculpt. The Alar Facial Groove and the area where the Lacrimal Caruncle can be found are also difficult areas to sculpt. Those certain places just drive me insane. I can get stuck working on those areas for far longer than I really need to be. It just feels like everything I do is wrong. It makes me a sad puppy 🙁 But what really breaks my heart the most is if I couldn’t get the likeness right. I was using a female reference for the sculpt I did. I was trying to make it look like her but got so frustrated with the likeness that I ditched the reference and made it look like a guy instead. I really hope with more practice I get better at these weaknesses.

Aside from the setback this weekend there is nothing much to report. I am super busy and probably will remain so for the remainder of the year. I’m really hoping I can keep up with all my art and art updates though. Art is me at this point… it is my life. I’m not giving it up even if life gets crazy. Anyways… see you next week!

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