Sketchbook Sunday 12.27.2020

December 27, 2020

This is the last sketchbook update of the year! Hooray 2020 is over! Woohoo!

I like “Outdoor Eating” best out of the small group I have for this week. It reminds me of “Robot Cafe” that I did a few years back. I neglected to mention too that this bad boy;

A sketch for DSP
Dancing in the Air

… was very popular last week. I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but I honestly don’t understand what would be popular and what won’t. This one is too simplistic I didn’t think it would attract attention… but it did. *shrugs*

I’ve also gained momentum on the two grinds I’m working on;

I finished painting the crowd in “Tinikling.” All that is left is detailing the foreground characters. I honestly feel like this is close to being complete. “Nothing to Wear” is still a ways off from being complete, but it’s honestly looking really good for me. It’s becoming more of a favorite than “Tinikling” is honestly.

And last but not least is this new digital sculpt I’m making;

I am doing a digital sculpt study of one of Amelie Lundahl’s painting. This particular project should be a grind as well.

This is it for me this year folks! I will be seeing you guys next year 😀

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