Sketchbook Sunday 4.18.2021

April 18, 2021

I started off this week on a very hilarious note. There’s a DTIYS challenge floating around social media that challenges artists to redraw a very… um… ugly? anime character… I really hate the word ugly. Every little thing has its own charm you know? But yeah… this “Ariel” character is… um… very challenging indeed lol. Anyways I ended up taking the challenge and used a very gorgeous famous actress as my inspiration… can you guess who the actress is? But yeah “DTIYS Ariel” is a hilarious challenge going around social media right now. I followed “DTIYS Ariel” with “Wedding Robot,” which I thought was hilarious too. The prompt for that one was supposed to be “Welding Robot,” but I decided to be cheeky and did “Wedding Robot” instead. Why not, right? I mean, robots need love too! But yeah, no one got the humor in it. Oh well.

“Pink Lake” is by far, hands down, the fastest speed paint I have ever done. I clocked in at ten minutes on that piece. WOW! Can I beat that… definitely not. I do believe “Pink Lake” will hold that title forever. The rest of the week was my typical standard routine. Sketches here and there and whatnot. I think “Electronic Rain” holds some promise. Whether I develop it some more remains to be seen. I have also attached two sketch zone drawpile sessions I have done the past two months. Drawpile sessions are very very much fun. It’s live drawing sessions with my crew in sketch zone. It is very cool just to hang out and draw. I tried starting a 3-hour painting this morning… but I decided to postpone it so I can have a decent Sunday to just chill. So yeah… anyways, I’ll see you folks next time!

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