Sketchbook Sunday 5.16.2021

May 16, 2021

This week was fairly fun in terms of work done. I slowed down a bit on some of my grinds, but my DSPs are still fairly consistent this week. Without further ado;

I took some moments early this week to do a 2 hour speed paint. It was honestly out of the norm for me to do that, since I always save my longer speed paints for the weekends. The end result of that deviation is “Forest Wizard.” “One Way Glass/Mirror” and “Assassin Agency” caught some attention in the DSP group, though none trended like my popular ones. My favorite work for this week is “Ankisatra.” I didn’t really know what to title the piece, so I named it after the location of the photo I studied for this painting.

Anyways, that’s it for me this week. I’m on vacation next week, so I’m not sure if I will post my weekly sketchbook Sunday post. We shall see… see yah!

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