Sketchbook Update 01.05.2020

January 5, 2020

So the holidays are pretty much over. I hope yours was a blast as much as mine was. The first week of 2020 was slow going in a way. I mean, given that this past week was “New Year’s Eve” celebration week it’s understandable if things aren’t completely back in the grind yet. Still though for what is understandably a slow week, I was immensely productive;

I also started work on a private project again, unfortunately. This particular private project is going to be a long grind, meaning in the next few months it’s going to eat up quite a lot of my time. I’m really praying it won’t interfere much in the way of constant updates.

The one thing I regret that I didn’t get to do is to start grinding on the two illustrations I chose to develop. I was hoping at the very least I could start work on “The Royal Baby.” I never got around to it, much less doing anything with “The Guardian.” I’m hoping this coming week will give me the time I need to start working on both of these pieces.

Last of all I want to end this update with this particular image;

A speed painting
Bamboo Hat Cyborg Arm

This image officially took over “The Foundling” as my most-liked image in the Daily Spit Paint group. I’m not really in the habit of keeping track of which one of my images is popular or not. But when I do notice an image being popular, I start to wonder why that image is admired instead of another one. For once I’m actually in agreement with this image. I very much like this piece, unlike “The Foundling” which I thought was alright.

Anyways folks, I hope you have a merry 2020!

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