Sketchbook Update 01.19.2020

January 19, 2020

2020 is chugging along nicely with the speed paints, especially with the 30-minute speed paints. What I was missing, however, are my 2-3 hour speed paints. I haven’t had the chance to work on a much longer speed paint since about two days before 2019 ended. I have been meaning to get to it, but it seems like organization has been king as of late…. which is funny because my organization of all my projects is still sort of in a “pending” stage… as if my organization is being reorganized…. lol. Does that even make sense?!?

Yeah, these 30-minute speed paints are fine. I love that top right one too with the girl in the park. But my love for this week really went into these two;

The image at the left with the pink alien is my 3-hour speed painted fan art of China Mieville’s novel “Embassytown.” I started the draft of the speed painting when I was about twenty-five percent into the book. By the time I did the painting this week I have read more details in the book that made me realize my “imagining” of the alien was wrong… well, sort of wrong. There should have been another pair of “wings” as well as the bud eyes of the alien should have been higher on the head. Given that those were the only two discernible mistakes, I’m really not that far off from what I think the alien should look like. (Now do a search for “ariekei” fan art and see how close/far I am from everyone else’s interpretation of the alien.)

The one on the right is a very loose interpretation of the prompt “Ramen.” It was a speed paint for the Krita Facebook group. In my painting I have a guy eating ramen… though some people pointed out that the ramen looks like a beard… lol, I failed in illustrating that prompt.

And last but not least is this bad boy;

Work in Progress
Work in Progress

I have begun my grind on “The Guardian.” As I mentioned before I was planning on doing another round of photo-bashing with this piece. I just finished tonight. Detailing the background should begin the next time I touch this piece.

Anyways, I am out!

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