Sketchbook Update 02.16.2020

February 16, 2020

I’ve been somewhat of a busy bee this week;

First up, I’ve made some progress on my long grind paintings. “Ang Dalaga and the Royal Baby’s” background sketch is finished. I can almost call the line art finished, but I still have to do the Maria Clara gown for the girl. As for “The Guardian,” I have begun detailing the background. I have so much fear doing the background for this piece right now. As I had mentioned earlier, I want to detail the background because I feel that this could help the background’s readability. But I’m also afraid I might accidentally over detail, causing me to do more work than necessary. So yeah… I’m totally in a precarious balance with this painting.

Check the WIP above.

But the one art project that really got my attention though is my 3D sculpt of one of Christian Seybold’s portrait paintings.

A study of one of Christian Seybold's paintings.
A sculpt based on a portrait by Christian Seybold.

The original can be found here;

I wanted to practice likeness when I decided to do the sculpt. I don’t think I quite nailed this piece. I mean, my sculpt look close enough to the original that I can make a statement that “they look like sisters” and be ok with it. But I can’t exactly say that the sculpt is the lady in the portrait. I got the likeness close, but not quite. I absolutely need more practice.

And as usual, I have my spit paints that I do often. Out of this week, I would have to pick these three as my favorites;

I will be seeing you, art lovers, next week!

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