Sketchbook Update 03.15.2020

March 15, 2020

Ah yes, the grind must go on! This week I spent some time working on the lace adornment on the cover wraps of the Maria Clara gown. The gown is being worn by the Dalaga in my illustration “Ang Dalaga and the Royal Baby.” I’m not entirely sure if what I did is realistic enough, but it looks good for the most part.

As for “The Guardian,” I’m still whacking away at that background. I took a detour from doing the back details and did some floor effects that I’m still on the fence about (floor reflections). I’ll probably keep the effect but I’ll have to redo it once I’m finished illustrating the scene. Anyways… I’m about to put the two up for critique again in some of my private social media. I’m hoping the direction I’m taking both illustrations is good.

WIP’s for this post are missing. Please check the latest WIP in my Art Journal.

So here are my sketches and speed paints this week;

I also did this four to five hour speed paint of a vampire slayer;

A speed painting
A much younger buffy

I was heavily inspired by vintage photos of crime scenes for this particular illustration. I really love the lighting of the scene, and compositionally I prefer the vampire slayer further in the back than being more prominent in the foreground. The downside of this decision is that it’s not as obvious anymore that the little girl is the vampire slayer.

I have definitely tagged this image as something I might “grind on” later. If I do decide to develop this piece some more, I’m going to have to troubleshoot those compositional issues I mentioned. And last but not least, here is this bad boy;

New commented video

That is it for this week.

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