Sketchbook Update 03.22.2020

March 22, 2020

I hope everyone is doing ok especially during this crazy time of quarantine. I’m not sure how everyone is surviving, especially the low wage workers. A lot of their jobs couldn’t be done from home, so I’m really curious about what kind of aid and stipends they will receive. Needless to say, I hope everyone is staying safe and sound.

This weeks speed paints;

Out of these, I probably love “Steep Hill” the best. The people at the Daily Spitpaint Group really loved “Time Traveling Tourists” and “Sleeping Giant” the best. They probably loved it because of their comical aspect… though if we’re talking about comedy, I think “Minister of Cookies” takes the icing on the cake. No pun intended.

This week’s grinds;

I’m still slowly chipping away at these two. The biggest change I would have to say is the special FX I added. I’m adding reflections on both images. I added it on “The Guardian” last week, I figured “Ang Dalaga” can get the same update as well. I also added a depth of field effect on “The Guardian.” I figure this would take care of the too-much-detail problem I was having.

I did a lot more this week, but I’m skipping showing those in favor of actually doing some work today 😀

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