Sketchbook Update 03.29.2020

March 29, 2020

This week had been hectic… of sorts. It wasn’t so busy with artwork, in fact, I felt like it was kind of dead. It was busy because my website was suffering some malfunction, and I had to find the time to fix it. There were some gallery and linking issues I had to take care of. Hopefully, it is all done and fixed now. Anyways, for this weeks’ grinds;

As usual, it looks like I barely did any noticeable work on “The Guardian” and “Ang Dalaga,” but I was able to knock out an hour or two chipping away at details on both pieces. At this time I have spent about twenty hours each on these two paintings. I average about thirty to thirty-five hours on my long grinds. If I am only able to work an hour or two a week on both paintings, then I’m still about fifteen weeks away from finishing both images. I’m really hoping I can complete the two paintings before summer.

As for Ajam’s “Mermaid” sculpt. I took a detour and tried to redo the face. I’m just not digging the first head I created. It doesn’t look anywhere near like Ajam’s design, so I made a second head. But after asking Ajams which one he likes, he said he likes the first one. So I’m guessing I’m back to using head one, though I might tweak it heavily.

This week’s speed paints and sketches;

The most important thing to note in the gallery above is the drawpile sessions I finally posted. I have joined Sketch Zone in about four of their live drawing sessions, but I kept forgetting to post the results of those live sessions. I’m finally putting it up. The rest were the speed paints I did for the Facebook Daily Spit Paint Group.

And last but not least… COOKIES! YES COOKIES!

I work at Cookies by Design. We make cookie bouquets. You should totally order from us 😀 None of these cookies are designed by me. I’m just posting it here cause I did, technically draw them. The cookie cakes were original design of sorts. I designed them based on the customers’ requests, but I obviously didn’t come up with the design for Buzz, Woody, and the Battle Bus. As for the toilet paper and the lysol spray, they are a heavily modified design based on designs by other Cookies by Design employees. The toilet paper was based on a store somewhere else in America (sorry I forgot which one). They lysol bottle is my boss’ design. The only thing I contributed as “original” is the top of the lysol bottle.

Anyways, that is it for this week’s art updates.


30 min speed paint blender sculpt blender sculpting cookies cookies design sketchbook sketchbook update sketches speed paint speed painting Sketchbook Update

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