Sketchbook Update 04.05.2020

April 5, 2020

I’m skipping showing an update on my grinds for now. Since improvements on it are minimal at most, I figured I could skip a WIP update or two on the three grinds I’m concentrating as of the moment. Hopefully, the next update brings a massive enough change that it is obvious what was worked on.

My speed paint count is very low this week. I’m having to readjust my schedule based on some changes in my daily routine. Hopefully these changes will normalize soon.

“Park Bench” was really popular among the spit painters in the FB Daily Spitpaint group, but I honestly love “Prototype 60” the best. “Prototype 60” is absolutely creepy.

That is it for my speed paints. I do, however, finally have photos I can share from the “March of Robots” challenge that just ended;

There are some amazing entries for the challenge. Mine doesn’t even come nowhere near in comparison. I used the “March of Robots” challenge mainly as my morning warmup routine, so I didn’t spend more than ten minutes on each sketch. People spent two to three hours on their daily “March of Robots” sketches. I wish I could afford that time 🙁 Alas, I will take what I can get.

I was able to find time to do a two hour speed paint for a challenge in the krita-artists forum;

A speed painting

It’s an alright speed paint. I still think “Prototype 60” is better.

As for cookies!

I am slowly getting to know the designs of the cookies in our shop. The two on the right are standard cookie designs in the Cookies by Design portfolio. The one on the left, however, is a design I made for a specific customer request. The motorcycle design isn’t really my original design… it’s a conglomeration of different motorcycle designs I found on the net.

That’s it for this weeks updates folks. Sayonara!

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