Sketchbook Update 04.19.2020

April 19, 2020

I finally finished the illustration I started last week. It was honestly supposed to be a speed paint… but after all is done I ended up clocking in seven hours. I spent as much time on it as my redo of “Nothing to Wear.” I honestly don’t like spending that much time in an illustration. It’s either a speed paint (5 hours or less) or a full-blown thirty plus hours grind. That is my philosophy. But I’ll take what I can get;

An Illustration

As for the deeper meaning of this piece… please don’t ask me. I really don’t know. I do not worship work (who does, anyways?), so please do not think that this is what this piece means. Like I mentioned in last week’s sketchbook update, I woke up one morning and saw my office chair. I sketched it but added “mecha” features. “Spaceship chair” was then born;

A sketch
Untitled Sketch – “Spaceship Chair”

I wanted to explore the sketch further, so I put “Spaceship Chair” in a setting together with it’s “Spaceship bros and sisters” and tada! We have a weird illustration! LOL… So yeah…

In other news!

My speed paints died this week 🙁 How depressing. But it will come back next week! I was able to squeeze in some time for some quick sketches for DSP during this busy week though. “Heroes Reporting for Duty” surpassed all my posts as the most liked post I have. Typically I only get around ten likes. My most popular ones get about forty. “Heroes Reporting for Duty” got 200+ likes. Lol… Sometimes I do something and I think “this is it! Tons of people would love this!” and then it would only get minus zero likes. But then I would draw something that I don’t think is a big deal, then it goes viral. Man… I can’t predict popularity… lol.

See ya later folks.

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