Sketchbook Update 05.17.2020

May 17, 2020

I absolutely love how I was introduced to water-soluble color pencils. Thank you so much Sandy Hunter for this awesome gift. The past two weeks had been ripe with experimentation with speed paints. If I can’t hack my speed paint before going in to work, then at least I can whip one out during lunch break;

Quite a lot of people freaked out over “Movie Night.” I honestly didn’t mean for it to be scary. I was just out of time so I was only able to put dark eye and mouth shapes on the people. That had a very unintended creepy effect that people noticed. I had a hoot seeing people’s reactions to it.

“Summer Camp” was this week’s big hit. A lot of people love the simplicity of it. It didn’t get quite as popular as “Heroes Reporting for Duty,” but it absolutely surprised me when I checked Facebook after being gone for a day that it trended for a little while. My absolute favorite out of this bunch is this little gem though;

A sketch for DSP
Secret Hideout

I love how the “Secret Hideout” is not so secret. I also love how I chose bluish colors for the tree trunks. It totally accentuated the girl’s colors.

I also added these speed paints to my official 2020 portfolio;

I’ll be making Youtube videos out of these images soon. Speaking of Youtube, check out this latest update;

That’s it for me folks, good night! Here are some cookies for your bedtime;

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