Sketchbook Update 05.23.2020

May 3, 2020

Last Thursday I talked about Fauvism and how I’m digging Matisse as of the moment. Today I tried doing a master study of one of his works, and I can’t seem to keep myself from trying to render it traditionally;

A speed painting
Sketch Zone Drawpile Session 05.03.2020

The “Cat with the Red Fish” at the very top is my study of Matisse. Clearly mine is a wee bit more realistic in terms of spatial arrangement and rendering… which proves to be interesting because I also decided to keep the saturation at a fairly high level, which high saturation levels is never ever natural. The end result is definitely intriguing…

Speaking of intriguing;

This week’s DSP entries have definitely gotten more intriguing. Because of time constraints I have definitely been doing more sketches in my sketchpad instead of finished paintings. Nonetheless some of my sketches are still intriguing, especially now that I have added water soluble color pencils in my arsenal.

What is interesting in the gallery though is the random sketch that I did last Tuesday, April 28. There is a huge contrast between the two girls in the image. The one on the left is done with a very loose style of sketching, while the one in the middle is done more cleanly. I have always known that I switch between both styles, but I don’t ever remember switching between both styles in one sitting. So I think that’s interesting…

Anyhoo, I will see you guys when I see yah!

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