Sketchbook Update 05.24.2020

May 24, 2020

This week’s artwork was a wee bit short on art expectations. I held back one speed paint from last week that I redid sporadically this week. It’s a reworking of an old spit paint I did about two months ago;

A speed painting
Green Haired Girl at the Apothecary Shop

I finished it, and I’m happy with the results, but I was also hoping to squeeze in one more three-hour speed paint into my schedule. Sadly I have to drop that attempt for some other time this coming week. But this week’s artworks are great for the most part;

My cookie designs really need some serious work. It honestly needs to be super “cleaner” than the ones I have been making. This is something I need to work on in the next few weeks. My DSP sketches are going great so far. I wish I can get more time for them, but alas time is in short supply lately. It’s ok, because I’m about to get an abundance of it soon.

My absolute love goes to the repaint that I did this week;

A speed painting
The Green Haired Shop Girl

I hate breaking up speed paints into chunks… because then I have a tendency to overwork it. That is what happened to my rework of “Nothing to Wear” and “Shaman.” Those pieces ended up being longer than my five hours cutoff. I’m so glad I wrapped up this repaint in about three hours in three different sessions. I didn’t go over my time budget like I have been doing lately.

That is it for me folks. Have a happy next week everybody!

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