Sketchbook Update 06.01.2020

June 1, 2020

Uh-oh, I’m a day late! Oops… but I do have a good reason though! I’ll explain that in a sec. For now, UPDATES!

“Old Typewriter,” “Steps in the Woods,” and “(Non) Boxing Sharks on a Bicycle for Two” are all my favorite speed paints of the past week. I may develop “Old Typewriter” out of these three… I’m not too sure yet. But what I am excited the most about is this puppy over here;

WIP Image of a painting
Work-in-Progress of “Ang Dalaga and the Royal Baby”

YES! This illustration that I have been slaving over for the past four months is practically done, so this may serve as the last WIP pic before I officially call this painting done. As of the moment, it is going through rounds of critique. I may work for another hour or two on this piece just to implement some/all of the critiques I get. This plan is totally dependent on time factor though. If the critiques would take too long to implement, I may not fix it.

Anyways, I end this post with this other update;

Blue Train Surfaces for Snacks and Refueling
30 min speed paint sketchbook sketchbook update sketches speed paint speed painting spit paint Sketchbook Update

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