Sketchbook Update 06.15.2020

June 15, 2020

I had to pause for a day on my sketchbook update so I can catch up on a few artworks. Last week was definitely interesting when it came to the Daily Spitpaint Group on Facebook. Two of my sketches trended, which was cool. I also did two spit paints that I didn’t plan for DSP. But before I discuss any of that let’s see the updates!

“Patrol” and “Van Gogh’s Sunny Sunny Day” were unplanned speed paints. I woke up last Monday and instead of doing my usual routine of checking DSP in Facebook, I decided to do a photo study from map crunch instead. That photo study is “Patrol.” Last Wednesday I felt inspired by the “Frame Before/After” challenge in the MSD group in, so I decided to do “Van Gogh’s Sunny Sunny Day” instead of DSP. Both of those artworks were unplanned and totally threw me off my schedule, but I do love going rogue though. Sometimes you gotta go with the flow.

“Van Gogh’s Sunny Sunny Day” is currently my most liked artwork in That makes me happy. And these two bad boys trended in the DSP as well;

“Dancing Donkies” is just plain humorous. “New Windmill” on the other hand people thought were very simple and effective. Currently “New Windmill” has about the same likes as “Heroes Reporting for Duty,” which is around 270 likes.

Anyways, to end this update, here are two new videos!

Robot Painting
Ang Dalaga and the Royal Baby
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