Sketchbook Update 06.21.2020

June 21, 2020

I was really hurting for a nice speed paint done with Krita, and I’m finally glad I got to do it with this nerve-racking piece;

A speed painting
Be Very Careful

Since I have been having time constraints as of late, I haven’t been able to do as many digital paintings as much as I want to. The good news is that I have been doing a lot more pen and color pencil speed sketches. I was just hoping I am able to devote as much time to both art mediums equally, and not just one. So yeah… my next few weeks’ goals would be to have the same amount of work done in both mediums every week. Anyways… art updates!

DSP members really like “Penguin Civilization,” “Artists in Action,” and “Starting a Fire in the Mage’s Academy.” Those speed sketches trended for a few days in the FB group. I really like “Artists in Action.” It reminds me of this series of art projects I did in college. I talked about those images in this article here;

As for the tasty cookie designs, I love this one the best;

Cookies by Design

The cookie design is a modified design from the Cookies by Design catalog. It is one of my “cleaner” efforts at doing cookie design. Drawing on cookies while being under time constraints is not as easy as it looks. The cookie designs above might look simplistic compare to my art, but it is difficult to draw using a piping bag and a constantly out of control icing. When I typically draw on cookies, it always ends up looking scratchy and messy. The lines are always wobbly, and the fills are just yuck. To be able to draw on cookies with nice lines and well-contained fills are still difficult for me. That’s been my effort as of late in that art front… to get a “clean” looking design, not scratchy and messy.

And lastly… I uploaded a bunch of portrait paintings on my portfolio for an article I wrote this week. Check out that article here;

Anyways, this piggy is going Good Night!

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