Sketchbook Update 10.13.2019

October 13, 2019

So let’s start this sketchbook update with this image;

random mech shape
Random Mech Shape

This is an image I painted a few hours ago. I’ll explain this image later. For now, let’s take a look at this week’s paintings;

So there were a few artworks I worked on during the week that are private and I can’t share. I wish I could, but alas, those things do happen. Maybe sometime in the future, I can share it. As for the second and third images, those paintings are done for Facebook’s Daily Spit Paint group. Both of those are about thirty minutes of madness! The orange speed paint is called “Sand Drift,” and the blue painting is called “Fire Hydrant.” The titles are actually the prompts for the paintings. As for the last image, this image actually belongs to a group of images I did the past month.

I am part of an art server on Discord called Sketch Zone. Every now and then Sketch Zone hosts a drawpile session in which artists draw online together. I started sketching random mech shapes when the sessions first began. I draw a lot of these random mech shapes in my actual physical sketchbook;

Random Mech Shape sketches
Random Mech Shapes/The Goat Page

I treat the drawpile sessions as more of a “play exercise” instead of seriously trying to make an image of an actual object or scene. So yeah, in my drawpile sessions, I typically do these weird random mech shapes. About a month ago I switched gears and started doing face studies instead. I think it’s refreshing, since doing human studies help me with my fundamentals;

random sketches
Face Studies and a Mech Shape

So yeah, I was mainly doing facial studies during the drawpile sessions until today. This afternoon I switched back to doing random mech shapes. I actually painted the mech shape instead of just leaving it as a sketch. Uber cool.

Speaking of face drawings, I tried to draw a cartoon face and miserably failed;

a painting of a cartoon character
Uncanny Valley Effect

I tried to render the cartoon face too realistically, so it ended up with an Uncanny Valley Effect. So yeah, bummer… 🙁

And of course I grinded all week on these two images;

WIP’s are missing from this post. Check my art journal for the latest WIP’s.

The problem with long grinds such as these is that the changes are so subtle. For the untrained eye it might look like nothing has changed from the last WIP (work-in-progress) image I posted of these, but tons have changed. A lot of the changes mainly involve the actual rendering of it. There is still plenty I need to do. For the “Mama’s Ice Cream” painting, I have to finish rendering the inside of the shop as well as the characters. I need to lighten up the characters too. As for the “Tricycle Reader” image, I don’t have to do as many edits per se aside from rendering. I still need to render the motorbike as well as finish rendering the girl. After I am done with those, I need to touch up the tricycle to make it look more metal.

And to end this post, I leave you with an image that I didn’t actually do this week. I actually did this image for the Facebook Krita group last month. It looks cool;

smoke coming out of a girl
Artwork that I based on a photo by Edward Eyer from

Thanks dude and dudettes!

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