Sketchbook Update 10.20.2019

October 20, 2019

So this week’s updates involved a party and food!, a hoverbike race, lame inktober sketches, and a few sketches of characters that I created from a Sketch Zone prompt. Read more to find out what shenanigans I have been up to!

I totally forgot to post this sketch from last week;

It’s a sketch based on these characters I created for a Sketch Zone Weekly prompt. I have been working on the characters on and off for about six months now. I’m not entirely sure what the characters’ stories are. Maybe someday I can come up with an origin story. These characters came to life in this speed painting done in March of this year;

fantasy creatures painting
Sketch Zone Characters

So this week I did a few sketches and a speed paint based on these two characters;

I honestly feel that these sketches are “weak.” But then again they are sketches, so no need for me to be a perfectionist.

I was only able to do one speed paint this week for the Facebook spit paint group;

a painting of a party with plenty of food
A Gift of Food

… but I did get to redo my speed paint “Sand Drift” from last week. I totally love the result;

hoverbike racing through sand
Hoverbike Race

I have also been doing inktober, but I haven’t really shared the results of that endeavor here. I’m not sure why, but I’m only really keen on sharing my digital artwork. My traditional artwork I tend to keep under wraps… It’s probably because it would take too long to scan them all, lol… so yeah, maybe I’m just lazy. But here is a snippet of my actual real life sketch book full of ten minute inktober sketches;

inktober sketches
I love that “Wild” sketch

I honestly think it’s funny I title these weekly art updates as a “Sketchbook update,” and yet I don’t post the pages of my actual real-life sketchbook on here. And last but not least, my current WIP for “Mama’s Ice Cream;”

Work in Progress Painting
Work in Progress

I finally started detailing the ice cream stand. The inside is not finished yet, but it’s slowly beginning to take shape. I lightened the characters a little bit too since someone mentioned they were too dark. The lightness doesn’t seem that apparent yet, but hopefully, once I start working on the characters, the value range will become more obvious. I didn’t get the chance to work on “Tricycle Reader.” Hopefully, I can pick it up before the year expires.

I also started a few acrylic portraits this week. Sadly I can’t share those on here. I also meant to work on this 3D project this week, but I couldn’t find the time to work on it. Sadly that project is also private. I mentioned those two projects because if I work on those projects all next week, then I won’t have any sketchbook update per se.

Anyways… we will just see how this week goes.

art update art updates current artwork sketchbook sketchbook update Sketchbook Update

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