Sketchbook Update 11.03.2019

November 3, 2019

My website went down for about a week and a half. It didn’t really need to go down for that long. At first, I thought the problem was because of a clunky template and this code that I added. It turned out I was wrong. The issue was something else altogether. By the time I found out it was too late since I decided to scrap the website to start fresh.

The good news is that the downtime inspired me to write my own theme for this website. My theme isn’t exactly the best, design-wise and code-wise. But at least I know where everything is. The problem with modifying code that someone else wrote is that I’m not entirely sure what everything does. One simple code that I write, no matter how syntax wise and logic wise it is correct, can still bring down a website because that code I wrote does not play well with some other code I’m not aware of. That is why I am happier with this ugly template. It might be ugly, but at least it is MY UGLY, and I know her inside and out.

The best thing about the template is the fonts. In college, I thought it was strange that the communication design majors were pre-occupied with fonts. Now I understand why. Really good combination of fonts can make something look absolutely gorgeous. I have seen websites without a single photo in it and yet it looks stunning because of the fonts used. There is just something sexy about great fonts.

Anyways… none of this is what you guys are interested in. Let’s talk about art updates, shall we? The four down below are thirty-minute speed paints I did for the daily spit paint group. From the left; Desert Stronghold, Baby Dragon, The Imperial Banner, and Extinction;

The titles are the prompts for that day. I’m really surprised I got the chance to do any of these since I was hectic and busy writing code for the past two weeks. Out of those four, I think I like Baby Dragon the best. I’m not sure how soon I’ll add it to my portfolio though.

This image down here did make it to my portfolio though;

painting of a hoverbike
Black Silver 52

I’m so picky at what goes into my portfolio. I typically jury all my speed paints, waiting for at least a year before deciding to put it in my portfolio. Black Silver 52 was an exception. I feel confident enough in the look of it that I’m happy to add it.

Anyways, to end this update, let’s have a look at an image I did for Sketch Zone;

speed painting
Ancient Discovery

Our Discord server is having a monthly art challenge, and this is my entry for it. The prompt was “Ancient Discovery.” I decided to paint an ancient floating monolith in space. Who says that all ancient discoveries have to be buried in the Earth? I’m definitely tagging this piece as an image I need to develop further. I think the illustration has some potential.

Anyways… that is it for me this week. I’ll see you around girls and boys.

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