Sketchbook Update 11.11.2019

November 11, 2019

I devoted last week to finishing “Mama’s Ice Cream.” I’m glad it’s finally out of my plate… sort of. I just posted the latest WIP of it in a few art groups I’m in as well as my Facebook profile to see what kind of comments I get about it. Depending on the critiques and comments I get, I might do one last pass on it.

work in progress painting
It’s almost finished!

I have my own critiques of the piece, but I want to hold off on discussing my own opinion of my work until I get more comments from others. If I don’t get that much commentary on the piece, then I will just leave the painting as is. Even though there are tons about this piece I still don’t like, I could happily live with the errors in it. Those errors I will discuss later in-depth… maybe when I post my YouTube process of it.

In other news… I really love this speed painting;

A speed painting
Red Field

This piece is another 30 min spit paint for the Facebook Daily Spitpaint group. I really love the simplicity and wide-open spaces of it. The best part about it is the character; it’s the girl from Claude Monet’s painting “Woman with a Parasol.” I love how I thought of putting her in the piece.

And then there was this speed painting;

A speed painting
Daughter of Evil

It’s an alright speed painting. It would be nice if there were a lot more details. But 30 minutes is A TIGHT DEADLINE. I will take what I can take.

Until next time folks…

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