Sketchbook Update 11.17.2019

November 17, 2019

This week was no fun. The creative burnout was high this week. I tried taking a break and played a video game instead. But I kept feeling guilty that I wasn’t keeping up with my projects… so I kept going back to my computer to grind on what I do best. The only problem was that I kept hitting a wall. That tends to happen when I work on long projects. It’s that last mile of the marathon, yah know? It’s tough. The good news though is that I was able to squeeze in at least a few speed paints that I really like this week.

So the two down below is what I loved best this week. The prompts for them are “Drapery” and “Wings.” I did those artworks for the Facebook Krita group.

That 2-3 hour speed painting is what I honestly like best. 30 min spitpaints are just grueling. I still need to practice that time frame though. There are a lot of people in that FB group who can create such stunning masterpieces in such little time. They inspire me to be better.

A speed painting
I need more practice with 30 minute speed paints.

This oldie but goodie joined my portfolio this week;

a speed painting
A painting of a fictional creature.

And last of all there is this scary start to a digital sculpt;

Digital sculpting
This sculpt is obnoxiously creepy.

Anyways… that’s it for me this week folks.

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