Sketchbook Update 12-15-2019

December 15, 2019

So it’s been a while since my last proper sketchbook update. I haven’t been able to do much because it felt like I was doing a lot of mundane admin stuff… getting organized and such. I did grind quite a lot trying to finish “Mama’s Ice Cream,” which I did this past week. I’m glad that I got to wrap it up before the year ended.

Final Version of Mama's Ice Cream
Final Version of “Mama’s Ice Cream”

I’m immensely happy with the results, though the last ten hours of working on this piece were grueling. Aside from this piece I predominantly just did a bunch of speed paints for my two favorite Facebook groups; Krita and Daily Spit Paint. Check them out below;

Out of the gallery above, I want to highlight this image the most;

A six hour paint
The Sculptor

I really love this piece. It started out as a spit paint. One of the pics in the gallery above depicts a sculptor painting his sculpture. I decided to take this green-hued spit paint and turn it into a semi-developed illustration, which became the image “The Sculptor.” I love the simplicity of “The Sculptor.” The whole painting revolves around two hues; blues and orange. But even with such a limited palette, I was able to come up with a striking image. So yeah… totally in love with the image.

But last and not least, I want to end this update with a quick self-portrait;

Self Portrait Sketch
It’s me!

November 1 was supposed to be “self-portrait” day, but I forgot to do it. I didn’t get to do my self-portrait until November 29, I think. I know I did it right after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I forgot to post it in one of my recent sketchbook updates. Here it is now.

Anyways…. I’m out. Happy Holidays everyone!

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